Content development is the process of researching, writing, gathering, organizing, and editing information for publication on websites. Modern audiences respond much better to rich content which includes text, graphics, pictures, recordings, videos, or other digital assets. 

Content needs to target audiences.

To rank highly in search engines and to attract links, then Web Content needs depth. Google has a preference for long form “meaty” content that covers all aspects of a topic. Content which is rich with multimedia is also ranked higher in results.

Business strategies often target mobile audiences who need information quickly and efficiently. Here, content should include a lower word count, long-tail keywords, proper use of headings and bullet points and correct linking to related mobile-friendly content.


Video, Images, and Infographics

Visual content outperforms plain text content by attracting inbound links, social media shares, audience engagement and time spent on each page. Google scores pages with multimedia elements higher in their ranking algorithm. Considering that inbound links are still the most valuable factor in the ranking algorithm, using video, images, and graphics are essential. Video Example: La Tarta Bombon




Trustworthy Content

Recent changes have placed a huge emphasis on the trustworthiness of pages and sites which means that spelling, grammar, and relevant content is an important priority. Rich content which includes keywords needs to be professionally written to be read in a natural way.


Text and Page Formatting

Google’s algorithm can detect page and content layout and pages can be penalized in the rankings for poor content formatting. Rich content should always look attractive and is suitable for scanning and skimming.

Content Distribution through Social Media 

The more an article or a piece of content is shared the more inbound links are generated. Those inbound links are essential to page ranking so a relevant social media identity is important. Since Google + and YouTube and owned by Google, it is prudent to use both in addition to other powerful media like Facebook and Twitter. Niche brands and products also use Instagram, Snapchat or LinkedIn.


Site Structure and Maintenance 

Every page on a website has to be maintained for quality and updated fairly regularly. Related links need to be checked as well as the homepage, root domain and other articles on the site. Broken links that go unfixed can negatively impact on page ranking.

Does the Content have Value for the reader?

Content with value has all of the above content development essentials in place as well as providing value by including answers to some of the following questions:

  • Does the content have a unique perspective and expert knowledge?
  • Is the content entertaining?
  • Does the website content answer the questions of your target audiences?
  • Will audiences bookmark, share or save the content because of its value?


Content Silos

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Content silos with deep research and correct structure gain ranking for organic search. Take a look at the Suite Marine page Things to do in Puerto Vallarta